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"Why Hosting Your Event on the Water Can Make a Splash"


Immerse your guests in an unforgettable experience by hosting your event or festival on the water with our comprehensive range of pontoons.

From our versatile EZ Dock system to our innovative P&D3 Cube Pontoon solution, we provide the ultimate platform for creating a captivating and unique event on the water. Our EZ Dock system offers a modular and customisable solution, allowing you to design custom layouts that seamlessly adapt to your specific requirements. Its interlocking design ensures stability and ease of assembly, while its durable construction withstands the rigors of high-traffic events.

For a more dynamic experience, our P&D3 Cube Pontoon system provides an innovative and flexible platform. Its interlocking cubes can be swiftly configured into various shapes and sizes, enabling you to create floating structures that cater to a wide range of activities.

Whether you envision floating stages, interactive displays, or secluded lounge areas, our pontoon systems empower you to unleash your creativity and allows you to captivate your guests with a truly immersive on-water experience.

Available for hire throughout the UK, our team of highly qualified operatives can install pontoons for a wide range of events including:


-          Triathlons & Sporting Events

-          Floating Stages for Concerts & Performances

-          Obstacle Courses

-          Wild Swimming Access

-          Rowing & Dragon Boat Races

-          Floating Firework Platforms

-          Floating Marquees For Parties & Corporate Events

-          Floating Cafes


Contact us today to receive a personalised quote for your next on-water event 👇

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