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NATO pontoon is a fantastic product offering a cost-effective solution for any marine support project. The pontoons can be configured to any size and shape depending on the client’s specification or requirements. 

NATO pontoons are available for both sale and hire throughout the UK with a range of accessories including; Spud legs, swim end sections, handrails, gangways, and lighting. They are road transportable, reducing the otherwise expensive cost of having to transport them at sea.


The pontoon barge is available for a variety of uses including site investigation drill works, cargo movements, dredge platforms, crane platforms, temporary bridges and temporary landing stages. Any marine project requiring the movement or use of heavy machinery will highly benefit from the use of the NATO pontoon. It can also accommodate a small engine to create a powered craft if needed.

NATO pontoons are some of the most stable and hard-wearing pontoons on the market, suited to heavy marine civils and construction works.



Standard NATO floats have a maximum load-bearing,capacity of 2,650kg per unit.


Length - 4200mm

Width - 2100mm

Depth - 750mm

Weight - 1,350kg

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss the options available to meet your requirements.

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