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Linkflote units can be connected together in a variety of configurations to make marine work platforms, ferries, barges, causeways, floating bridges, access ramps and landing stages.

Each Linkflote has two watertight bulkheads, which divide the units into three equal compartments for safety and to allow ballasting and/ or trimming. The bulkheads also serve to significantly increase the rigidity of the Linkflote unit. Access to each compartment is via a watertight hatch in the Linkflote deck.


The standard Linkflote is constructed with steel gunwales, standing 80mm proud of the deck plates, and  which facilitate the fitting of a removable timber deck, hand railing, winches, saddles and bollards.

The deck of the standard unit is constructed from 5mm steel plate. Chequer plate or reinforced steel decks can be provided to meet specific customer requirements.

All Linkflote units are blast cleaned to SA2.5 standard and finished with a marine paint coating. Other paint specifications, to meet particular customer requirements, are available on request. Cathodic protection can also be added as an optional extra.


Each Linkflote unit is comprised of a robust, all welded structural steel frame, with steel skin plates and a reinforced deck. A standard Linkflote unit is:

  • Length - 5,272mm

  • Width - 2,428mm

  • Depth - 1,230mm

  • Weight - 3,500kg (approx)


1,840mm deep Linkflote pontoons and special units can also be manufactured to order.

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss the options available to meet your requirements.

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