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"Storing Your Boat On The Water - Boat Lift Storage Options"

Having a boat is undoubtedly enjoyable, but proper storage is essential regardless of how often you use it. How you store your boat can significantly impact its usage time and overall lifespan.

Boat Lift Storage systems are a highly recommended method, as it helps to protect your vessel from damage, while also allowing for convenient access whenever desired. With the right storage, you can prevent wear and tear on your boat and spend more time enjoying it.


Boat lifts are a popular choice for storing boats, offering convenience, ease of use, and protection against water damage throughout the year. These lifts are typically installed onto a dock and are designed to hold the boat above the water when it is not in use. This not only keeps the boat safe and dry, but also makes loading and unloading a breeze. With a boat lift, you can easily lower your boat into the water and raise it back up without having to leave the dock. One of the main advantages of using a boat lift is the protection it provides against various types of damage. For example, exposure to algae, corrosion, and stormy weather can all take a toll on a boat's hull. By keeping the boat lifted above the water, these issues can be prevented, resulting in lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs. Additionally, having easy access to the boat at all times means that it can be quickly and easily taken out of the water when not in use, reducing the risk of damage from long-term exposure to the elements. Furthermore, boat lifts also offer other benefits such as easier cleaning, safer boarding, and improved boat performance. With the boat securely lifted above the water, it is protected from damage that can occur during docking. This not only helps to maintain the boat's appearance but also ensures that it performs optimally. Additionally, with the boat always kept above the water, there is no need for frequent cleaning or worrying about damage caused by sitting in the water for extended periods.


View our on-water storage options here:


DryBerth - DryBerth boat lifts simply raise above the water using low-pressure air to provide the ultimate on-water, dry mooring solution for your boat. The DryBerth acts as a cradle around the boat, protecting it from both the elements and water pollutants.


EZ Boat Port - The EZ BoatPort boat lift from EZ Dock is a simple drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 2268kg. Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate boats with a deadrise angle from 0 to 21 degrees, making this the perfect choice for many skiffs, runabouts, fishing boats and jet boats.


P&D Cube Drive-On - The Cube drive-on system takes our durable and robust modular pontoon system and allows you to create a custom-sized drive-on for your boat.


Alternatively, contact our sales team today to find out more about our range of boat storage solutions to suit your needs.


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