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Bridge Stabilisation Works In West Yorkshire

Client: BAM Nuttall Ltd

Project: Linton Bridge Stabilisation Works

Neil Peters from Bam Nuttall approached us to design a solution for their #bridge stabilisation works. This was all part of a £4.5m repair work, approved by senior councillors at Leeds city council. The bridge had dropped 20cm after floodwater undermined its foundations. More than 100 bridges were damaged by floods in West Yorkshire.

Councillor Richard Lewis said: “I think everyone now realises the challenge of repairing Linton Bridge is considerable and requires detailed and complex work, so is not something that can be done quickly.” The method for this works was to build a temporary arch support system. This would be supported by 2 of. 17 tonne bridge trusses built onto 4 temporary steel tubular piles filled with concrete.

The solution that Pontoon and Dock had to come up with was to #float the 17 tonne trusses underneath the bridge so the crane could lift and connect onto the support system bases. After many discussions, we decided on a 29m x 2.5m double stacked #EZDock pontoon with 4 outrigger #pontoons double stacked to add stability for when the weight was added. This pontoon would give us a floating capacity of some 60 tonnes. Steel #fenders were welded to the steel support bases, these were fixed to act as a safety barrier to stop the whole structure from tipping when in motion. Bam Nuttall had brought in a 500 Tonne mobile Mammoet Crane to carry out all lifting operations.

The whole operation from lifting on the bridge trusses, floating into position and lifting back up onto the support bases was a huge success with no issues at all. Neil Peters was so impressed by our solution that they decided to increase the hire as they found it was much easier to access the arch support to continue with their works. Due to the success of the Linton Road Bridge project, Simon Nadin, one of the Partners and Directors of The Pontoon and Dock Company was asked to attend an awards ceremony with Bam Nuttall. Bam Nuttall and Mott MacDonald have both been recognised by Leeds City Council as Partner of the Year. The award was given for works at Leeds #FloodAlleviation and Linton Bridge.

Since the installation at Linton Bridge, Neil Peters has already forwarded our details to other departments in other counties in the UK and already we have received additional projects to quote.

This success is down to all staff at Pontoon and Dock. Together we can make it work!


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