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EZ Dock

The best floating modular pontoon on the market, very stable, suitable for all leisure and commercial uses.

P&D³ Cube Pontoon

Budget pontoon suitable for lightweight commercial work and small private pontoons.

Traditional Pontoons

Traditionally built framed pontoons, ideal for coastal areas and heavy use.

Commercial Pontoons

Steel constructed pontoons. Ideal solution for heavy commercial use, including floating plant. 

Floating Pontoons Code of Practice

Installing and maintaining a floating pontoon is subject to a code of practice. The Yacht Harbour Association has produced a book which contains information on the floating pontoon code of practice. The book is called A Code of Practice for the Design, Construction and Operation of Coastal and Inland Marinas and Yacht Harbours. 

We at the Pontoon & Dock Company are experts in the floating pontoon code of practice. If you have any queries on the floating pontoon code of practice, we may be able to help.