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Marine Safety Pod

The Marine Safety Pod is a world first safety invention

It is constructed from strong, UV protected plastic and consists of two identical halves that clamp down on the 4 storage compartments. Each half is a double skinned air tight unit with 2 flare holes designed to house activated smoke or laser flares. Both halves are identical so the pod always lands the right way up.

With dimensions of 680mm X 400mm X 150mm

The MSP is large enough to store necessary equipment and provide a support platform without occupying too much valuable boat space.

There are four watertight compartments housing EPIRB and VHF radio, flares, first aid kit and a survival pack. The primary function of the pod is to consolidate and provide buoyancy for marine safety equipment, however the buoyancy of the MSP far exceeds the weight of the contents and combined with the convenient hand grips creates a stable platform for boating accident victims to group around and systemically go through the procedures that will ensure a prompt rescue.

Contents are not included.