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The Hereford Hoist has been designed specifically to lift wheelchair users in and out of boats.

It is a hand-operated hydraulic hoist which can be supplied with a base unit to fit almost any type of pontoon system. Its simple system makes it easy to use and as such it is invaluable for Sailability Centres and Sailing Clubs that offer disabled sailing facilities.

Zero-rate VAT is available on the hoists with a valid VAT exemption certificate.


The Hereford Hoist is designed to be a largely maintenance-free, simple device. The hoist and parts should be kept clean and in good condition.

However, it is imperative for the safety of the rider and the operators to go through the pre-use daily checks – when the equipment is to be used.


The best way to ensure longevity of the hoist and its accessories is to remove them from the hoisting location when not in use.

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss the options available to meet your requirements.

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