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Golden Boatlifts

Golden Boatlifts has been manufacturing boat lifts for over 25 years. The company’s tried and tested equipment is expertly engineered for maximum durability.

Durable Mechanical Boatlifts

All Golden boat lifts are manufactured using aluminium, this gives them a high load capacity, crucially, it also means no swelling, shrinking, rusting or corrosion. Golden is so confident in this that it offers a 10 year guarantee on structures and bearings.

Reassuringly Strong Mechanical Boatlifts

All joints on Golden Boat Lifts are welded for a strong, reliable construction. The welds will never corrode crack or break down. The heat tempering process also means the welded area becomes stronger.

Reliable & Safe Mechanical Boatlifts

High quality engineering give Golden’s boat lifts unparalleled safety when compared to other mechanical lifts. They can carry loads up to 100 tonnes.