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The EZ Dock VXP is designed for virtually any brand or type of shorter-end PWC under 1,300 pounds, including the Yamaha EX, Sea-Doo Spark and Trixx, and the Kawasaki SX-R.

With its modular design, the EZ Dock VXP is easy to install and integrates seamlessly into existing EZ Dock systems or traditional dock designs. The VXP’s adjustable rollers can be configured to make getting in and out of the port smooth, stable and easy. Since the VXP keeps your PWC out of the water, it’s easy to cover, clean, secure and access for maintenance.

  • Exceptional stability on water

  • Safe, slip-resistant surface

  • Low or no maintenance

  • Protects PWC from wind and waves

  • Easy on, easy off rollers

  • Safety bulkhead and cleat

  • Easy installation

  • Attaches to existing dock



  • Length - 3.9m

  • Width - 1.5m

  • Depth - 0.38m

  • Weight - 152kg

  • Flotation Capacity - 590kg

EZ Port installation requires just a few tools and very little time. Dealer assistance is available if needed.  Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotomolding process, actual weights and dimensions may vary.

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss the options available to meet your requirements.

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