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The EasyTec boat cover and frame.

The lightweight EasyTec boat cover frame can be fitted quickly and is priced significantly lower than traditional covers. Because the boat cover frame is made of lightweight, two-metre long, custom-manufactured piping, it is easily assembled to the desired length, it is also easy to carry and move around. EasyTec is supplied in two large bags with a carrying handle.

EasyTec’s design is based on S-hooks being attached to the bow and stern of the boat. The two-metre-long pipes are then connected together to make a long pipe, which is then pushed into a sewn channel on a tarp.


When you thread the tarp onto the piping on the S-hooks, an arch-shaped cover is formed, which can then easily be fixed laterally, when the tarp is tied firmly underneath the boat.



The boat cover frame is suitable for all motor boats and sailboats from 4-9 m.


EasyTec includes up to 6 x 2 m long, custom-made support pipes, the recommended number of vertical supports and two S-hooks to attach the frame to the stern and to the bow of the boat.


An S-splice (extension kit to extend the S-hooks, if necessary) is also included. A heavy, contoured 240 gram tarp with a sewn channel is also included.  A rope and knife are always included. Everything you need to set it up is included.

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss the options available to meet your requirements.

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