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SeaHaven Pontoon

The SeaHaven is a heavy duty marine pontoon system with an enviable reputation for durability. It can be relied on to provide a safe haven for leisure and commercial craft. Specifically designed for exposed & coastal locations.

Each float is fully interchangeable and polystyrene filled. They are of a heavy duty construction; rotationally moulded to provide the necessary buoyancy whilst remaining resistant to impact damage, frost and long term decay such as spalling found on concrete floats. Access for repairs and maintenance is gained simply by removing the decking sections from above. Just four securing bolts releases each float for exchange or inspection.

The pontoons are available in widths of 2, 2.5 & 3M and lengths of 7, 10, & 12M. Bespoke sizes can be achieved and specially strengthened versions are possible where high loadings such as bridge landings and commercial pedestrian traffic is likely.

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