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Boat Lift Storage Systems

Golden Boat Lift,(Mechanical)AirBerth,(Floating)Drive-on,(Cube or EZ Dock)
Boat WeightUp to 18 TonnesUp to 15 TonnesUp to 2,268kg
Boat Weight1.5m4.4m – 9.8m depending on
Maximum Boat Length50m7.1m – 13.8m depending on
Operating Water DepthEnough to float your boat1.8m – 3.0m depending on
Enough to float your boat
MaterialsAluminiumHigh Density PolyethyleneUV Stabilized Polyethylene

Using a boat lift storage system reduces maintenance and increases resale value

Because boat lift storage systems keep your boat out of the water, electrolysis and osmosis are minimised. Anti-foul is also unnecessary with these systems. As well as reducing the amount of time and money you’ll need to spend on maintenance, you’ll also be increasing your boat’s lifespan and protecting your investment.

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About Us

The Pontoon & Dock Company Limited are suppliers of floating pontoons, floating docks and work platforms, boat lifts and hoists, floating boat lift storage systems, yacht cranes, cradles and transporters, hoists for disabled sailors and dock safety ladders.

Established in 2009, we are the best rated pontoon solution in the industry and the leading suppliers of EZ Dock pontoons in Europe. We have also designed and supply our own innovative pontoon solution, P&D3 cube, a floating pontoon system that offers a strong, competitively priced, highly versatile and easy to use pontoon solution.

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