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AirBerth Boat Lift

An AirBerth boat lift can remove or return your boat in just 4 minutes. The boat’s hull is automatically positioned on the lift for maximum safety and ease-of-use. With its in-built hull washing system, AirBerth can clean your hull as soon as it comes out of the water too.

Portable & Easy To Install

The AirBerth Boat Lift is designed to be portable. It’s not hard mounted to the pontoon or marina berth. It’s also versatile and can be installed in any marina configuration. In normal circumstances, installation takes just a few hours and requires no piling or construction.

Corrosion Resistant

The boat lifts are designed to have a fifty year lifespan. They’re manufactured from high density polyethylene so they’re corrosion-resistant and non-abrasive. There are no submerged metal parts.


As well as reducing maintenance time, an AirBerth floating boat lift also protects your investment because an AirBerth floating boat lift can help protect your vessel. It is endorsed by IRCM, the Marine Insurance Innovators, who are able to provide significant premium discounts to AirBerthed vessels. The company also offers competitive rates for marinas, dockyards and marine trades.