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Used Equipment for Sale

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Second hand Roodberg hoist on rails €39,660

We are happy to offer you an unique second hand boat-hoist on rails. It is a so called Silent Hoist, which has a very low sound level, due to its electric driven wheels and lifting functions. It is a very “green” machine since it does NOT use a diesel-engine but works on electric power only.

Unique features

  • electric movement forwards and backwards
  • electric lifting and lowering
  • no fumes
  • low noise level
  • very high mounted crossbeam reduces the need to dismantle stays
  • fix mounted lifting points at the open end of the hoist
  • manual adjustable position of lifting points at the closed side of the hoist (front-side)
  • slings directly connected to the lifting hooks speeds up your daily business


  • Manufacturer: Bollegraaf
  • Type : Electric rail mounted boat-hoist
  • Capacity : 4x7.500kg (30Ton)
  • Options : Mastcrane, capacity 1000kg with stairs and working platform.
  • Condition : good working condition, well maintained, from 1st owner
  • Maintenance : yearly done by manufacturer or importer of parts
  • Paintwork needs to be done
  • Last inspection 2011
  • Including : manual in Dutch language


As seen and inspected at Marina Muiderzand, region Almere, NL Excl. VAT and transport.


  • Lifting capacity: 1000kg
  • Lifting speed: 1.4m/min en 5.4m/min
  • Total height under hook: approx. 8.97m
  • Turning crane or fix mounted: fix


  • Inside width: 5.95m
  • Height: 7.67m
  • Height under crossbeam: approx 7.37m
  • Total length: approx 7.40m
  • Wheelbase: 7.00m
  • Track: 6.40m
  • Max sling distance: 5.81m
  • Sling spacing front: 2.90m
  • Sling spacing rear: fix
  • Minimum sling distance: 2.91m
  • Distance rear lifting point to crossbeam: 6.31m
  • Distance front lifting point to crossbeam: 0.60m - 3.50m (min-max)
  • Lifting height from ground: 5.50m
  • Inside width of dock / piers 5.96m
  • Pier / Dock width: rails
  • Lifting capacity: 4x7500kg
  • Lifting speed approx:2m/min
  • Travel speed approx: 1.2 Km per hour


This second hand boat hoist on rails is available from the 1st owner for €39,660


All prices and deliveries are as seen and inspected at Marina Muiderzand, excl VAT, taxes, transport and so on, valid for 3 weeks.

  • Delivery time
    July 2013, after receiving the duly signed order-confirmation + full payment.
  • Payment
    100% with order.
  • Sales-conditions
    Dutch law. To be agreed with seller.
  • Dismantling & Transport
    Assistance from marina personal or Roodberg technicianPossible. All at additional costs.

Ownership : the boat hoist on rail is owned by Marina Muiderzand till full payment has been received and collection of the boat hoist has taken place. When sold buyer will receive the order confirmation and commercial invoice from Marina Muiderzand directly.

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To download PDF specification
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Used equipment  - 100 Ton Hydro Trans

£66,000.00 Price negotiable

For details, please contact us.

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Manibateau Transport Trailer

Unique offer to move 100T weight

We have invented a MANIBATEAU Transport Trailer, which can lift transport and park weights up to 100.000kg.

The Manibateau 100 advantages:

  • fixed width frame with open rear end allows easy manoeuvring around supporting constructions
  • 4 wheelsets with each 4 large pneumatic tyres distribute the total weight onto a large surface
  • independent frame lifting & lowering Front or Starboard rear or Portside rear
  • hydraulic front wheel sets steering
  • length extendable tow bar
  • unique low maintenance costs
  • neat & clean design
  • fully in-house designed and manufactured
  • 1st class “Roodberg” hydraulic cylinders
  • all lifting cylinders with safety valves
  • heavy duty steel construction
  • heavy duty 2-component paint system, colour blue

How it works

Any load need to have its own supporting construction. The Manibateau 100 is designed to carry such steel supporting constructions with or without a load.

The load is loaded onto its supporting construction using a lifting device, such as a large mobile or overhead crane, a traveling hoist, slewing crane etc.

In case there are no approved supporting constructions available, we can also supply these. We recommend to use the so called Carrier Support 35t. Depending on the length, width and weight of the load (ship/vessel/boat) 2 or more Carrier Supports have to be used.

Special offer

  • 1 Manibateau 100 (2nd hand demonstration model)
  • Euro 128,000
  • Delivery time approx 3 weeks
  • 1 Carrier Support 35t, hot dip galvanized
  • Euro 11,250
  • Delivery time approx 3 weeks

Terms of delivery and payment

All prices and deliveries are ex. works Terband-Heerenveen N.L., exc. vat, valid for 3 weeks. Prices do not include duties neither taxes.


In pieces, ex works Terband-Heerenveen N.L., according to the European Conformity of Machines (CE) with the operation manual delivered in English language.


One year guarantee after delivery.


100% with order.

Terms of delivery/payment

All our quotations, all orders placed with us and all contracts concluded with us are subject to the Metaalunie-conditions. These conditions of delivery and payment will be sent to you upon your 1st request.

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Used equipment  - 823 Model Landcraft

£66,000.00 Price negotiable

For details, please contact us.

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Used equipment  - NEW HOLLAND 17030

£36,000.00 Price (excluding VAT)

  • Year: 2011
  • Engine Hours: 4968
  • Hours Horsepower: 180 H
  • Location: Shrewsbury


PowerCommand 50K, TLS, Cab Suspension, Front Links, 4SCV's 650/65 R42 10% 600/65 R28 10%


New Holland T7030

Horsepower / HP:


Engine Hours:




Stock Number :


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Mercedes Benz TRAC used tractor £10,500.00

  • Disc brakes

For details, please contact us.

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