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Boat Handling Equipment

Static Boat Crane

Pontoon & Dock are proud to be sole agents in the U.K. and Ireland for this world-beating high-quality range of boat-handling equipment.

We can supply:

Slipway Trailers – both towed and self-propelled.  From 5 to 150T

Yacht Cranes – single-hook and four-hook, electrically or hydraulically operated from 6 to 50T

Boat Movers up to 150T

Power-Hoists up to 1,000T

Yacht Cradles and Motorboat Stands

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and building boat handling equipment, Roodberg can supply you with the very best in boat handling equipment.

Self-Propelled Slipway Trailer


We currently have a supply of “old-style” 12T Capacity Roodberg T-Form cradles on offer.

Static Boat Crane


Video of the Roodberg 27T

Video of Le Belles Charters

Roodberg Power Hoists

The Roodberg Power Hoists Series capacity ranges from 20 tonnes to 1000 tonnes.

The Atlantic Series is from 20 tonnes to 100 tonnes and the Pacific Series is from 90 tonnes to 1000 tonnes

PHA25PHA65 Atlantic power hoist

PHP power hoistPHP power hoist

For all enquiries please call 01283 208891 or email us.